14 Days of Yoga for More Energy

Let's build, cultivate, and nurture our energy! Over the next 14 days we'll progress from 10 to 30 minute practices designed to generate heat, stability, and strength while also allowing us to relax where we can to find ease in our effort. Together we'll increase our energy so that we can meet our day off the mat feeling more alive!


Mara W.
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I'm loving this challenge! It is just enough time for me to feel amazing, calm and energized during my day as a stay at home mom.

Thanks a ton!
Stephanie S
As a beginner to yoga, this challenge was great! I could feel my muscles building strength as well as improving my balance. Now I can't go a day without yoga!
Sarah C
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This challenge is fantastic. I have had a long break from yoga, which wasn't intentional, but the longer I was away from it the harder it was to return. This challenge has been perfect to help make yoga a daily habit again. Thank you. :)
Cherhine S
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Second day I feel more confident. Love this challenge. I love the fact that the videos are short. Easy to find time for my daily routine
Joan D
Imagine my frustration when I'm standing in front of my Roku TV ready to practice and find out this "Class" is a challenge that requires ADDITIONAL sign up! These should be in a seperate category with the explanation up front. Th user shouldnt find this out after pressing Play. Poorly done for Roku users.
Kira Sloane
Yes, Joan, we are so sorry and we find this fact frustrating also. Right now you not able to sign up for the Challenge directly on your Roku, but rather have to do so on your computer. We have considered simply making the practices available without necessitating sign up, but then you lose out on other features. So glad you are here and thank you for your feedback as it helps us greatly make the right decision. I so hope you will go ahead and sign up as the Challenge is super fun. Also check out Robert's 30 Day Challenge. xok
Cheryl Wray
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I really enjoyed this challenge - it took me 17 days to complete, but it has me excited to learn and do more for myself, with my self. Thank you Brenda!
Kira Sloane
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Glad you are here, Cheryl! Great job!
Cheryl Wray
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Hi Brenda, 
I just noticed I did this challenge before - and it was just as rewarding to my body, mind, and spirit.  I'm sure I'll be back again. :)
Rachel K
Thanks Im Enjoying the challenge so much - lots of core strength this I need - 
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