Our Purpose and Values

Our purpose, niche, and core values ensure that we are internally aligned and making the right decisions. Everything we do is in relationship and a group endeavor.


Empower people to experience Joy.


Yoga subscription service.

  1. Self Motivated

    We are engaged in and excited about our work. We seek, test, and bring solutions.

  2. Team Players

    We are a team. We communicate, collaborate, and connect from a place of genuine appreciation and respect for each other. We trust each other.

  3. Committed to High-Quality Work

    We aim to produce the highest quality products and member experiences possible. We are learners and excited by opportunities to improve.

  4. Dedicated

    We lead and serve our global community with integrity, passion, and heart.


We serve our global community by providing a safe online place to practice yoga.

Within our domain, we do not tolerate bullying, cruelty, untruths, and inflammatory speech. Our domain is within our workplace, live gatherings, products, and our social media outposts.

To ensure that we ALL feel safe here, and allow for different viewpoints, we are publicly neutral on issues outside of our expertise. Quietly, we do what we can to support whoever, whenever, and wherever we can.

And if we ever need to change our policy on this, we will.


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