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January 16 2017

Self-Kindness Starts At Home

The practice of loving kindness begins with ourselves. Kira guides us in a loving kindness meditation inviting in the mantra "may I be happy, may I be free." You will feel a new sense of quiet, joy, a...
October 4 2016

What Do You Want From Your Yoga?

Know what you want from your yoga practice, cause you're gonna get it and a whole lot more.
September 12 2016

A Loving Heart is a Happy Heart: Simple Loving Kindness Meditation

Try this simple yoga meditation, any time of day and anywhere you are, to help increase your heart's capacity for love, kindness, and happiness.
September 5 2016

Tips for Finding a Local Yoga Class

Read our five tips for finding a local yoga class to complement your home yoga practice.
August 29 2016

How to Progress in Your Home Yoga Practice

We draw upon ancient yogi texts for advice on how to progress in your home yoga practice.
August 22 2016

14 Days of Yoga for More Energy

Need motivation to maintain a consistent home yoga practice? Try our 14 Days of Yoga for Energy program.
August 14 2016

5 Ideas for Setting Up Your Home Yoga Space

Learn how to set up your home for a successful home yoga practice with these five ideas.
August 8 2016

5 Guidelines for What to Eat When Beginning a Yoga Practice

Wondering what to eat to optimize your yoga practice? Here are five guidelines to help inform your food choices.
August 3 2016

Am I Doing Yoga Right?

Without a teacher to assist you in person with your home yoga practice, how do you know if you are practicing yoga optimally? Here are eight questions to ask yourself to help assess.
June 26 2016

5 Considerations for Choosing Your Home Yoga Practice Wardrobe

You may think that what you wear during your home yoga practice doesn't matter, but it does.
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