April 5 2017

The Practice of Tonglen

In Season 3 of Heartful, we courageously begin the practice of Tonglen.
March 30 2017

The 5 Stages of Compassion Meditation

Seeing the suffering of ourselves and others with clear eyes will change everything.
March 18 2017

The 5 Stages of Loving-Kindness Meditation

To increase the chances of a genuine heartfelt wish of happiness for ourselves and others, we can practice Loving-kindness meditation.
March 9 2017

Stop, Drop, and Swaddle: Ayurvedic Intervention for Vata

Find a blanket or big towel, wrap up to soothe the vata crazies.
February 19 2017

Day 10: Trust

Dedicate yourself to Love.
February 18 2017

Day 9: Self Inquiry

With honest self reflection we can be free.
February 17 2017

Day 8: Stay Curious

The practice of curiosity will nourish and inspire you.
February 16 2017

Filming our Pain Free Challenge

Our pains are crying for our attention and our attention will change everything.
February 16 2017

Day 7: Choose Ease

Lets find real contentment.
February 15 2017

Day 6: Reawaken Your Senses

Allow yourself to connect to all the elements and know that you belong.

Be intrigued... be in learning mode.
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