sue hansen

I am an active 60 somethingI live in the UK. I am married and have grown up children. Happy, optimistic and enthusiastic.
Good social life and love capital cities and country side alike. Not keen on the in-between stuff.Love the clear blue skies, whether hot or cold, not good with grey skies. Love music, all kinds, humour, dance, theatre, films and books. Always very busy, but like it that way. Interested in all people and different cultures and societies.


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About me

I'm: Female
Where I Live: UK
Activities I Enjoy: Cycling - Outdoor (Three days a week), Walking (Most days), Tennis (Occasionally)

My Yoga Journey

Years of Yoga Experience: 10
Practice Frequency: Three days a week

My Yoga Inspirations

What inspires you? What nourishes you? What brings you joy?
Good humble people, my husband and children and friendships. Laughter and loving brings we joy. Small things that cost nothing bring me joy and the above.