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When I was little I loved a show called Name that Tune. The primary challenge was the identification of a song from just one note. Truth is like this. It doesn’t take time or explanation; it resonates outside of time and underneath words. Truth is a feeling that can easily occur without a single sound.

Here Now, our latest show, is an experiment and play towards offering practices with fewer notes. How do we effectively guide each other in shorter time and with fewer words? How do we easily move into a more intimate relationship with Truth? Yoga Anytime teachers Alana Mitnick and Julia Berkely jumped in with me to begin to explore the poetry of this short form. In this first season, we all exceeded three minutes, and I almost always pushed it right to the edge and little over of five. (This hardly comes as a surprise to those who know me).

Even more than discovering how succinctly we can communicate these practices, our play is to be as clear as possible in relationship with reality and do our best to share from within this vibration. And still, no matter how clear and spare we are, unless there is a perceived 1:1 connection between us, no teaching of yoga can occur. Harmony with all things is an indication of success.

Thank you for being here. We would love to hear from you as we play in this new short form. Let us know which practices are the most compelling and effective. We are in this together. Stay close.


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