The Epicureans, Proprioception and Devon Riley


It’s a rare moment these days to see a dewey-eyed expression of longing paired with the words, “And the we got to the Epicureans ...” Such is the experience of being with Devon Riley.

Devon suffers a deep, true, earnest yearning to be in the magic of yoga together. Her teaching weaves intensive study of complex anatomical systems and front line research into populations less served. In explaining the wonder of proprioception she invites us to learn how to listen to all the parts of ourselves and each other. Her primary talking point in this latest filming session was, “You can’t feel supported unless you give your weight,” and she has the mad courage to lie down on the floor herself as she asks us to do the same.

I wish Devon’s teachings were ready for you to watch right now. I am inspired, moved, and again, wish I got to spend more time in Portland where she and so many favorite teachers of mine live. Her yoga movies will either appear as a season of Asana Studies or Inner Workings. Stay close.


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