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Season 8 - Episode 8

Neuter Words Written

5 min - Tutorial
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Anuradha helps us learn the neuter words in sanskrit by writing and sounding some commonly used words.
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Mar 11, 2016
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Swagatam, we are in the last series of our, the words and exploring the genders and to see how they are represented in their script form. So we looked at the masculine, words ending with aha, then we looked at the feminine, words ending with aa and ee. Now we will go into the neuter ending with an um, objects from our daily life, so lots of opportunity to practice. The first word that we have here is book, pustakam, pustakam, pustakam. It would be a great idea that you really practice the writing as well because you start getting familiar with how these sounds combine with each other.

Say it and think of it, all three together, it will be yours very soon. The next word is flower, push, pam, puh, shh, that's your cerebral shh, purm, push, pam, fruit in general, palam, palam, I just want to draw your attention to one point here. The letter puh in the Hindi language is pronounced as a fuh, so you might hear it pronounced as the phalam or phal, that's how the Hindi speaking people would do it as. But in Sanskrit, it is a label, puh, palam, so that's how we would write it, palam. The next word in human relations is friend, mitram, mitram, this is also a word used for the sun.

So in the Surya Namaskara series, the very first mantra is om mitraya namaha, that great friend of ours, so this is how it would look, mitram and the transliteration mitram. The word for house that shelters us always is griham, grh with the vowel ruh, hmm, grham. In the world, we are very familiar with asanas, that's the posture, so asanam, asanam. We look at some other words in this category, word for picture is chitram, chitram. Now would you just try to write the word for a film which is cha lana chitram, even mentally it's good, so cha lana chitram.

Now let's just use this board and see the different letters that are there and see if we can put it together. So that would be a ch, we have a l and then we have a n minus that, so you put that together and you would have the cha lana chitram. The word for eye, when we talk of body parts is netram, n, e, thram, netram. For the English speaking world again, it won't be a netram, though you just see a simple t, remember it's a dental t, so netram. The stomach or maybe it's better to say the belly space, it's a broader idea for it.

So the belly space or the stomach is u, the ram, u, the ram. Any kind of text with a lot of scientific knowledge is shastram, shastram, it's the palatal sh, so shastram, like we have the yoga sutras, so yoga sutram or sutram, a forism is sutram, that's how you write it. And the most liberating of all things, knowledge, jnyanam, jnyanam, jnyanam, I'm sure the sound n, is clearly established in your consciousness at the end of this lesson. And it's a great sound to sound for oneself as well. The very vibration of the n is a settling sound.

So practice these neuter words, allow them to fall in your spirit and see whether they still your being completely, enjoy, have a nice time.


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