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Mother Tongue Artwork
Season 9 - Episode 3

Writing Sanskrit Pronouns

20 min - Tutorial


Anuradha breaks down sanskrit pronouns into a grid to show us how the pronouns build on one another. We explore the first, second, and third person, as well as the singular, dual, and plural forms, and the masculine, feminine, and neuter genders in their written and transliterate forms.
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Mar 18, 2016
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Woohoo. Now we're getting into some challenging stuff - and I see that this is just the beginning of the exciting journey into Sanskrit! The organizational chart that you propose looks indispensable. Thank you, Anuradha, for transmitting these lessons with such enthusiasm and precision!
Dear Kate,
Congratulations for venturing step by step into slightly deeper waters of Sanskrit. Do feel free to get in touch for any clarifications and sharing your valuable feedback on these lessons. The Sanskrit journey is a fascinating one that can potentially fill your life with wonderment at many levels like it has done to me. Enjoy it! That's the fastest way to progress with it :)
Dipping back into this - 3 years later! How time has passed!! My study in Sanskrit at the moment is focused on the Gītā. We look in detail at 2 verses per week, and I parse them grammatically, and create a translation. I rely on William Sargeant's translation work for help here!! And the Monier-Williams S-E dictionary. Do you have any print resources that you would recommend, Anuradha?
Kate, Such good news that you are dipping into the vast ocean of the Gita's eternal wisdom! You can try getting the hardcopy of Monier Williams or Apte's dictionary to help you. shubhamastu. Stay safe and happy :)

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