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Mother Tongue Artwork
Season 10 - Episode 2

Verb Sets

5 min - Tutorial
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Anuradha explains to two sets of verb conjugations that we will be exploring on this season of Mother Tongue.
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Jun 03, 2016
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Oh and just another thing, we talked about the ten groups of verbs, I'd also like to mention that what we are going to see in the series about verbs is not just the verb in the present tense but also the fact that there are, understanding that there are two kinds of verb conjugations, parallel kinds of verb conjugations. In Sanskrit we use the words parasmaipadam, which almost means for another and we have atmanipadam, which means actions that are directed towards oneself, it is actions somewhat towards the others, that's what the word parasmaipadam literally means but the conjugations in that would end with e, so it would be like gachati and then everything else would be of that group. Parallelly like I mentioned we have another set of conjugations which ends with a in the present tense, so things that are can also be said as vartate, so you see instead of the t we have the a sound but don't worry your head a lot about it because what we'll do is we'll take the baby steps into this realm of Sanskrit verb conjugations and we'll stick to the present tense as well as we'll only look at the parasmaipadam form, forms of the verbs, alright. So stay with me as we explore the different conjugations of the verbs mainly to be as well as the ten different basic verbs that we are going to have a look at. So enjoy, say them and practice them, more you do it more fun, look forward to staying in touch with you.


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