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Mother Tongue Artwork
Season 11 - Episode 1

Introduction to Sanskrit Cases

25 min - Tutorial


Anuradha introduces us to the different cases in language building in Sanskrit grammar by illustrating a helpful drawing of the different cases.
What You'll Need: No props needed

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Aug 19, 2016
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Great presentation of the cases for an English speaker! I have just been introduced to nouns this week with my Sanskrit teacher. It's a little overwhelming, but this cogent presentation makes it seem less intimidating! Thank you : )
Thank you Kate, happy this helps. Do share with others who you know might be struggling as well. Learning these is a onetime investment for a lifetime 😊
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I certainly will share this precious resource with anyone else I meet who undertakes the Sanskrit journey...
Thank you Kate for sharing about these classes 😊
धन्यवादः Kate for sharing about these classes 😊

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