Prana Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 6

Pratyahara Meditation

20 min - Practice


Dr. Svoboda leads us in a guided meditation that encourages us to turn our gaze inward to become more familiar with Pratyahara. You will feel more vibrant and aware.
What You'll Need: No props needed


Greetings. Robert Svoboda here, with a simple meditation for you to employ to assist you to become more familiar with Pratyahara. With creation of a sense of interiority, inside your o...


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Amazing information! I wish they would be teaching this in schools at early ages. Should be a manual something like get to know how you work very useful! Thank you! ??
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Thank you! It was an awesome practice. Really clear information
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Please tel me where is the location of the hara, manipura chakra or below the nabel?
Dearest Susanna. Some schools say at the navel, some say just below. When accounts differ, we are invited to discover the specific unique center of ourselves.  There is a very different tone between these two spots.  Let us know what you find out. Glad you are here. Warmly, Kira 
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Dear Kira! Thank you so much for your answer. I can feel a difference between nabel center and the point below the nabel. There is a different tone. But what is what? Couldnt it also be the second and the third chakra? The Hara isnt meant to be a chakra, or?
Oh Susanna, isn't that amazing. The hara and the chakras are from two different maps of the subtle realm so they are not "officially" related, however they do have cross over in their location. Also, it's useful to note that while one chakra map currently dominates the landscape, it was not always the only map. If you are interested in this, you might check out  this episode from David White.  Love, Kira

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