Too Tight to Stretch Artwork
Season 2 - Episode 5

Relief for the Wrists and Hands

10 min - Practice


Emily shares a short practice to stretch our forearms, hands, wrists, and fingers. This practice is designed to help relieve any tension, stiffness, or fatigue.
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Sep 06, 2016
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Hi everyone. This is a short practice for the wrists and the hands. Just to bring a little relief to tired wrists and fingers. And forearms. And you can do this practice standing up like I'm doing today or else you can sit down.

While you're doing it. So we'll just start out stretching the arms straight out in front of you. And you'll just start to make some circles with your wrists. As you're doing this, just try to keep your shoulders nice and relaxed. So we're not bringing intention into other areas of the body.

You may notice places that are sticky. Just allowing those places to slowly warm up. Then just switch directions of your circles. Good. And then just let your arms come down for a moment.

And relax. Maybe just give your hands a little shake. And then stretch your right arm out in front of you and you're just gonna go through starting at your pinky finger and just extend through the pinky finger. Try to keep your elbow pretty straight here. And we'll just take a few breaths.

Good and then walking over to the ring finger. And stretching that finger back and giving yourself a few breaths here. And then middle finger. Elbow straight, extending that finger back. And index finger.

And then thumb. Just be mindful of the direction that you're pulling your thumb. That you're not creating any pinching sensation here. And then just let that arm come down and just circle your shoulders couple times. Just to relieve any tension there.

And then stretch your left arm up and starting at your pinky finger, stretch your pinky finger back for a few breaths. Try to keep the shoulders nice and relaxed. And then moving over to your finger finger. Middle finger. Stretching the middle finger back.

Giving that finger just a few breaths here. And index finger. Drawing that finger back. Trying to keep the elbow nice and straight. And then lastly the thumb.

Drawing the thumb back. Good. And then just relax again. And circle your shoulders a couple times. Good.

And then bring your arm out in front of you. And we'll flex the wrist. So that means that you're going to start to draw your fingers towards your forearm. And point your fingers down towards the floor. Bring your left hand in front of the right.

And give a little resistance. And then try to extend your wrist. Like you're trying to reach your finger tips up towards the ceiling. And breathe here. Good, and then slowly relax.

And draw the finger tips towards the forearm. Good and then again, resist. And try to lift your fingertips back up towards the ceiling. From the wrist. And then release.

And draw the finger tips in towards your forearm again giving yourself a nice little stretch. And then one more time, resist. Trying to extend the wrist. So that you're pointing your fingers towards the sky. And then draw the finger tips in a little bit more.

Flexing your wrist. And then just relax again. And make a couple circles with your shoulders. And just release any tension there. And then let's do that on the opposite side so you'll reach your left arm out in front of your shoulder height.

Take your right palm and just place your fingers right across the opposite hand. And then again, you're just trying to start to straighten your wrist and move your fingers towards the sky. So you're resisting that movement. Good, and just hold it for a few more seconds. And then release and just gently draw the finger tips in towards you.

And then again, resisting as you're trying to straighten that wrist as much as you can. And then slowly release. Drawing the finger tips in towards you. And one more time. Big breath in.

Try to straighten that wrist as much as you can. And then draw the finger tips in. And then let's let our arms go down. Circle the shoulders. Circle the shoulders in the other direction.

And then from here bring your hands into a prayer. Right in front of your chest. And try to lift your elbows up a little bit as you drop your shoulders down and press the heels of your hands together. And we'll just stay here. Take some really nice deep breaths.

And feel the stretching. Your forearm flexors and muscles on the inner forearm. Good, give it just two more big breaths here. Try to keep the heels of the hands together and lift the elbows just a tiny bit more. And then slowly release.

Circle your shoulders. And then other direction. That feels good. And then just take your hands and interlace your fingers. And just start to press your palms away from you.

And really try to stretch your fingers here. Draw your shoulders down. Breath deeply here. Notice if you're holding any tension in your neck or your face or your jaw and just let all of that go. And if it feels comfortable, you may want to start to reach your arms up.

Pressing the heels of the hands away as you drop your low ribs down, back of the neck nice and long. Good. And then slowly release, let your arms go all the way down. One more time. Just circle those shoulders a couple times in each direction.

And then last thing, just stretch your arms up shoulder height. And then make fists with your hands and start to flex your wrists. So you're gonna point your knuckles down towards the floor. And then spread your fingers really wide and pull your finger tips back towards your shoulders. Extending your wrist.

Make fists. Flex. Spread your fingers, extend. Keep going. Breathe.

Flexing and extending. Good. Do just a few more rounds just like this. Good. And then last one, press those hands away and then just let your arms come down.

And circle your shoulders one last time. Circling them back and then changing direction, circling them forward. And then just close your eyes for a minute, let your weight come back into your heels. And just feel into your forearms and your hands. And notice the energy.

And the blood flow. The heat that maybe you've created in your fingers and your wrists. And your hands. And then slowly allow your eyes to open. Thank you.

Your hands and wrists thank you. Namaste.


This made a huge difference! My wrists were really tight and crackled with every movement, and now they feel warmed up, the muscles relaxed. :)
I am so happy this quick practice helped you, Sophie! Thank you for practicing with me!
Great, so helpful, thank you so much. A new favorite.
Thank you, Lori! I am so happy it felt helpful to you!

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