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Season 1 - Episode 44

Lesley Personal Practice

20 min - Practice


Lesley's personal practice on July 16, 2016.

We provided a mat, a quiet space, and 20 minutes to each of our teachers to use for their own personal practice. The results became this show, Our Practices.

What You'll Need: No props needed

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Nov 07, 2016
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This Episode
Watch Lesley practice.
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Lesley Personal Practice
Lesley Desaulniers
Suitable for all
20 min
Our Practices
Freedom Style
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Our Practices
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Devon D
Hi Lesley, I'm looking forward to trying this practice, but it seems like this video is not working, check it out.
Kira Sloane
Hi Devon, thank you for being here. This video is part of a show we have called Our Practices ( http://www.yogaanytime.com/show-sea son/269/Yoga-Our-Practices-Season-1 which is simply the opportunity to watch yogis practice. There is no instruction.

You can practice along with Lesley in her Season 3 of the Yoga Flow Show.
http://www.yogaanytime.com/sh ow-season/6412/Yoga-The-Yoga-Flow-S how-Season-3-Lesley-Desaulniers


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