The Heart of the Traditions The Yoga of Patanjali

90 min
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In the historic farmhouse of the Krishnamurti Library in Ojai, California, Ravi unpacks teachings from Patanjali's Yoga Sutras, a classical text on yoga. Drawing from various religious traditions, science, mysticism, spirituality, and yoga, Ravi invites us to see what is true for ourselves. We have broken this lecture into chapters for your convenience.
Jul 04, 2015
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Many Thanks for this masterful exposition. I've been tangled up in various translations of yoga texts for years, and these talks have been like a great "unraveling". Translators are the unsung heroes of literary and spiritual world. Looking forward to reading Ravi Ravinda's books.
2 years ago

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Thank you for these wonderful lectures! And so great to be able to re-wind, re-listen and absorb at my own pace. I will re-visit often!
1 year ago

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I agree with Heidi Fokine. So grateful to find this man and these lectures. I would really love to attend one in the future, whenever he comes in the vicinity of Belgium...
1 mo ago

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