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Yoga Sutras of Patanjali Artwork
Season 8 - Episode 2

Sutras 1.41-1.51

55 min - Talk


James begins by recapping Sutra 1.40. We then move into the final sutras of Chapter 1: Sutras 1.41-1.51, where we examine the subtle mechanisms of yogic mastery. We conclude with a song to honor our time together.
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Apr 14, 2017
Bhakti, Jnana, Raja
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Kate M
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I think this is the 3rd time I've gone through these wonderful lectures on the Yoga Darshana of Patanjali. Such a wonderful resource. I wonder... if there is any chance of getting James to discourse on the Sadhana Pada?
Rasa R
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The lectures were so good and deep. When will be extension on Chapter 2 ?
Janet L
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Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, thank you James for explain the Sutras so beautiful and clear.... the meditations, songs, the practices!!!
Helena T
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Thanks I have loved this. I would also like to hear the second book if possible.
Marca M
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great.when can we expect 2nd chapter ?
Kate M
Beautiful song to finish this long and very deep, very beautiful discussion of Samadhi Pada. Sutra study can become very cerebral - sorting out the Sanskrit, trying to apprehend very deep philosophy - and the song brings it back into the realm of the heart (where it was centered all along!). Many thanks, once again, for this offering.
Petra L
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Pleeeaaase, when is continuation coming? So great!
Caroline S
in 1.42 Savitarka implies all the 4  detailed in 1.17?
Caroline S
Thank you so much James for an incredible course - everything was clearly explained, accessible, beaufitully presented, giving me a solid, robust grounding in Chapter One of the Yoga sūtra-s, giving me hope and encouragement that I can practice at my level, patiently, lovingly, that I am okay using the supports I need / use, but also inspiring me to go a little beyong my habitual grooves.  The questions posed in 1.51 are the ones I will take to my heart, as they represent a summation of what we can do here and now as human beings.  I hope YogaAnytime will put on Chapter 2 soon so we can explore more jewels, in depth of the Yoga sūtra-s. Namaste !
James Boag
Caroline S thank you for your feedback Caroline, and I apologise for not responding to more of your comments as I have been largely offline these last six weeks. Great to know that you have found this course useful and supportive, and I think you will be pleased to hear that chapter two is coming soon! If there are any questions/threads I have missed that you are still curious about, please write again and I can do my best to respond more promptly these coming weeks.
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