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Mother Tongue Artwork
Season 2 - Episode 8

Trikonasana in Sanskrit

5 min - Tutorial


Anuradha, with the help of Julia, pronounces, writes, and explores Trikonasana (Triangle Pose) in Sanskrit.
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Feb 06, 2015
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Namaste friends, welcome again to another session on the asanas with the correct pronunciation in Sanskrit and we see what it looks like and what it sounds like. I have with me Julia, thank you for coming. The asana that we will be seeing today is what is commonly referred to or pronounced as chikonasana. In Sanskrit we would say it as trikonasana, say that again, trikonasana, three meaning three, kona angles, asana posture, so trikonasana is the triangle pose. I will write it out in transliterated form first, triko, that dot below makes it na, the cerebral na, triko, na, sa, na, there we are.

So this word is composed of three separate words which was three plus kona plus asana, three plus kona plus asana. So the combination of the vowels a and a together gives you the a, so na, sa, na, we will see what they correspond to in the devanagari script. That's the three plus k, the vowel o, the cerebral nasal which is the na, kona plus a, sa, na. If you have been following all the classes till now, you would by now be able to write the asanas by yourself, sincerely hope you have been practicing. So we have trikonasana and when you combine the three, it becomes trikonasana, trikonasana, na, sa, na and in the devanagari it would correspond to three, ku, we have the long a here, you see here it is the short a, when you make it the longer vowel we add that extra stick by the side, so na, sa, na, trikonasana, there we go and this is the triangle pose.

You want to try saying this along with me, trikonasana, that's where you have to be careful in the transliterations. You need to add that dot below or you will pronounce it as the dental, the na, this one when you add the dot below becomes the na, na, so trikonasana and in Sanskrit trikonasana, trikonasana, just to draw your attention, the dental na looks like that, the cerebral na where the tongue is pulled up at the tip of your roof or the center of the roof of your mouth, it is represented with that letter na, trikonasana, Julia could you please demonstrate that for us. So trikonasana, the triangle pose, see if you can identify the triangle in this posture, the two feet down and the tip of the fingers, there we have the triangle pose, trikonasana, say that, trikonasana and once really fast, trikonasana, not the trikonasana, trikonasana, lovely, thank you Julia, thank you very much, thank you.


Susan F
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Wonderful Sanskrit lessons. I love this teacher!

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