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Season 3 - Episode 3

Who Am I?

20 min - Talk


We investigate the age old question of 'Who Am I' or in sanskrit, ko ham. If we are not our thoughts, emotions, bodies, or roles that we play, who are we? We finish with a brief practice to investigate this very question.
What You'll Need: No props needed

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Jul 07, 2017
Jnana, Meditation
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Anuradha, thank you! i could listen to you all day. Especially love this series, very fine! Namaste.
Dear Kirsti, Thank you very much for your warm and encouraging feedback ... Am glad you are enjoying this as much as i di filming for it :) Love and best wishes
Thank you very much for your explinations !I love that !but whwn we have a big decision to do ,we need to become an observer??sorry my english is not really good!
Dear Sylvie, Happy to know that you found the explanations helpful.
Becoming an observer specially when faced with a big decision, often gives one the vantage point of looking at the larger picture which is harder to see when one is involved neck-deep in a particular situation that needs the decisive action.
On another note, your English was more than sufficient to articulate your question clearly.. so don't worry too much about it. All the best. Happiness always :)

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