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Season 2 - Episode 6

Mantra: Om Aham Brahmasmi

5 min - Practice


Anuradha guides us in a sounding mantra practice of Om Aham Brahmasmi—I am the supreme energy.
What You'll Need: No props needed

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Namaste and welcome back to this practice of mantras. Hope you have been enjoying doing these sounds and experiencing greater freedom, greater joy in your lives. In the past few episodes, we have looked at the theme of one's own greatness where we remind ourselves that there is much more to who we are than who we believe we are. We are that. We are a greater truth within ourselves which is in harmony with everything around it.

And when we connect with that, then we connect to the greater plan and play our own tune which fits in harmoniously with the orchestra of the universe. So today we are going to look at a mantra which is also known as a Mahavakya. It's one of those key sentences of the yogic tradition. And this mantra is Aham Brahma Smi, I am that supreme energy Brahman. So Aham is I, Brahma is that supreme energy, Asmi am, I am that supreme energy.

And we'll add the sound Om to amplify the content of this particular mantra. So just close your eyes. Imagine you're being expanding much further than your limited understanding of yourself. Expand all your horizons of your being. Feel the space.

And then repeat after me, Om Aham Brahma Smi, Brahma Smi, very good. Say that once more, Om Aham Brahma Smi. The word Brahma comes from the Sanskrit root brah which means infinite expansion. So it's really not about expanding physically, but it's about expanding our possibilities and breaking through every kind of limitation that we impose on ourselves. When we can empower ourselves with that freedom of being, then we become unstoppable.

So once more, close your eyes and say it along with me, Om Aham Brahma Smi. Once more, Om Aham Brahma Smi. This time we'll do it silently. Take a breath and repeat it in your mind. This is a mantra that can be particularly helpful if the pressures of life make us feel insignificant.

Notice this mantra and grow much vaster than yourself, much vaster than anybody around things you are, and you will be happy.


Locana S
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Anuradha, thanks for the simple yet powerful explanation of this mantra.
Anuradha Choudry
Dear Locana, Thank you for your warm words of appreciation. Am glad the explanation resonated with you. Best wishes for your practice :)

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