21-Day Meditation Challenge Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 13

Day 1: Lets Begin

20 min - Practice


Find a comfortable seat and join me for our opening meditation. Today we will begin by doing a body scan and bringing awareness to the physical body to begin to drop in. We will continue moving toward the subtle by noticing the emotions, the mind, and the energy before using the breath as our tool to focus. Remember: simple doesn't always mean easy. Keep showing up!
What You'll Need: No props needed


Good morning Nikki,
happy to be on board.
Question: I think I sit much straighter now than I normally would, knees on the floor etc. However, today my right buttock and entire leg went to sleep (got very tingly). What could I try to do differently?
Less motivated and more challenged than I thought after the 1st day. Committed to continue. Lights and Love
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Miigwech(thank you in Ojibwe). I thoroughly enjoyed your meditation session. I am 67 years old and I am trying to establish a regular meditation practice. I look forward to continuing. Thank you.
Christina somehow I am just seeing your comment. Try sitting on a little more height (add another blanket or boster) or put something under your knees to reduce the pressure. let me know if that helps
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lovely - many thanks thanks - good to start with the posture - great to move into the breath via the body scan - liked the pace and duration - also like the idea of bookending elements with checking the quality of emotional, energetic and thoughts. also worked for me to link with a brief bit of physical yoga first. great stuff.
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i still like it!
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Lovely practice. It felt so easy and relaxing. I've just completed the 10 day meditation challenge and Im combining this with the 30 day yoga challenges. Bliss. Thank you so much. Namaste
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Looking forward to seeing what this does to calm the restlessness of my thought processes, and helping me to increase my focus. Thanks a lot
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I've started a regular morning sitting practice and am using this show to try and establish a little sit in the evening. Excellent start! Thank you.
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I’m starting this meditation challenge to establish a daily practice. I love Nikki’s calm voice and the way she explains each part of the process. Very calming and relaxing.
Lara thank you! i am so glad i can support your daily meditation practice ❤️
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