21-Day Meditation Challenge Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 27

Day 15: Full Presence

20 min - Practice


What does your breath feel like today? We work with a mala and the mantra soham again so that we can start to observe which mantras resonate more deeply with us. Notice with full presence and awareness.

Although a mala is not required for this practice, it may be helpful to have one.

What You'll Need: No props needed


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It's meditation 15. We're going to stay with the use of Lamala, but intentionally we're going to shift back from hamsa to soham. So I'm offering you a variety of mantras and we'll have more to come so that you can really get a sense of what works for you, what really helps you in your meditation practice. So let's go back to soham and let's do what we've been doing, aligning the body and use of mala. So if you don't have a mala, remember you can simply do the mantra without a mala.

Closing eyes, go through your process, establish the physical. So really, especially when you're committing to a regular practice or 21 minutes, it's a healthy amount of time, always want to make sure that your lower body is good. And that's always changing dependent on your activities or your lack of activities. So take the need, what you need in terms of support and make sure that you feel right as you start out. And then finding that inner lift and that front and back body balance, shoulders, hand placement, head and neck position, chin parallel with floor, inner lift that goes beyond the crown of the head and then that sense of letting go.

Should feel almost satisfying that you know you're here for 21 minutes, there's nowhere else you need to be right now, so relax into it. And then checking in, there's no right way to be, you're just noticing how you are right now, mind, emotion, energy, bringing attention and then have that next moment to observe your breathing, just like observing mind and energy and emotional content, how's the breath today? What's happening in your breath? There's been so much written in the yoga tradition about the link between mind and breath. So what does your breath feel like today?

Also said to be the link between spiritual and the physical, your breath. It gives us a really beautiful present moment point of attention, your breathing. Now let's make that transition to the mala, it isn't already in your hand, grab it now. Taking that first beat and positioning your hand on your thigh, and when you're ready, so hum, I am that, so hum. All right, let's make that transition to the mala, so hum, hum, hum, hum, hum, hum, hum, hum, hum, hum, hum, hum, hum, hum, hum, hum, hum, hum, hum, hum, hum, hum, hum, hum, hum, hum, hum, hum, hum.

It's possible. Times, when you're using the mala, simple mantra, that you go to autopilot and you're still kind of moving along the beads, but not as present. So if you find that happening, slow it down, place your mind in the sound of the mantra as you move bead to bead. So hum. So hum.

So hum. Keep going all the way around. If you complete one cycle, continue. So hum. So hum.

So hum. So hum. So hum. So hum. So hum.

Every so often become aware of your physical being, how you're sitting, this could be a very brief scan, realignment, soften any edges, any places of gripping. And then with full presence and attention, back to the mantra. So hum. Use that feeling tone. So hum.

Taking time as you go bead to bead, no rushing, presence. So hum. So hum. So hum. So hum.

So hum. So hum. So hum. So hum. So hum.

So hum. So hum. So hum. Once again, become aware of your body, realign, relift, pull out of any collapse in your lower back, any sinking of the chest. Relax any tight spots, any edges, any gripping.

Last five minutes. Keep using the technique, keep using the mala, full presence, full feeling tone. So hum. So hum. Give in a sense of slowing down just a little bit more.

So hum. So hum. So hum. So hum. And those last moments, using your mala, repeating the mantra.

Before we close, tracking your mind, grooving your mind in this beneficial way. So hum, I am that. So hum. And now letting go of the mala and your mantra, pause for that final internal check-in. Even thinking about how you're feeling right now as compared to yesterday's meditation.

Each mantra has its own energy quality. What do you notice? What do you notice, so hum compared to hum-sa? And then bringing it to a close, hands together at the heart, namaste. And thank you, see you tomorrow.


Curtis Hamilton
Not sure which mantra I like better.
Carol G
1 person likes this.
I love them both equally.
Hamsa for me i think. i may need slightly larger, rougher mala beads to allow me to move beads with one hand - would permit hands to lie on each thigh rather than meeting in middle to manipulate the beads. great to be exploring all this - feels like a very rich time in my practice - nice to see others enjoying Nikki's teaching too.
Melissa H
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Sohum works much better for me. The M at the end is so grounding, even though I only internalize the sound. The M is a nasal consonant that resonates in the third eye, so I understand why I’m so connected to it. Conversely, hamsa ends on that big open vowel that doesn’t connect me inwardly at this point in my life. Maybe some other time it will!
Nikki Estrada
Melissa I am 100% with YOU! i have the exact same experience...
Glenford N
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Hamsa rather than Sohum. Both mantras gave me a peaceful feeling, but I connected more strongly to my Higer Power with Hamsa. The 21 minutes gets progressively easier. Namaste.
Kate M
I like the "s" sound on the inhalation, and the "h" on the exhalation. The inhale feels cooling, the exhale warming. This feels very natural. Soham.
Sara S
The mantra keeps the mind from wandering but when some time passes, pictures arrive. Still, I move back to soham
Lien Matthijs
I also prefer Soham. For me this has a more slowing down vibe.
Nikki Estrada
Lien Matthijs same!

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