21-Day Meditation Challenge Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 27

Day 15: Full Presence

20 min - Practice


What does your breath feel like today? We work with a mala and the mantra soham again so that we can start to observe which mantras resonate more deeply with us. Notice with full presence and awareness.

Although a mala is not required for this practice, it may be helpful to have one.

What You'll Need: No props needed


Not sure which mantra I like better.
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I love them both equally.
Hamsa for me i think. i may need slightly larger, rougher mala beads to allow me to move beads with one hand - would permit hands to lie on each thigh rather than meeting in middle to manipulate the beads. great to be exploring all this - feels like a very rich time in my practice - nice to see others enjoying Nikki's teaching too.
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Sohum works much better for me. The M at the end is so grounding, even though I only internalize the sound. The M is a nasal consonant that resonates in the third eye, so I understand why I’m so connected to it. Conversely, hamsa ends on that big open vowel that doesn’t connect me inwardly at this point in my life. Maybe some other time it will!
Melissa I am 100% with YOU! i have the exact same experience...
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Hamsa rather than Sohum. Both mantras gave me a peaceful feeling, but I connected more strongly to my Higer Power with Hamsa. The 21 minutes gets progressively easier. Namaste.
I like the "s" sound on the inhalation, and the "h" on the exhalation. The inhale feels cooling, the exhale warming. This feels very natural. Soham.
The mantra keeps the mind from wandering but when some time passes, pictures arrive. Still, I move back to soham

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