Curtis Hamilton

Stopped all physical exercise very long time ago. After retirement remained sedentary. At 65 was in relatively poor health taking 13 prescribed pills a day. Made major diet change and started chair yoga about 14 months ago. Initially started doing chair yoga once per week. Slowly began to enjoy exercising. Health improved and doctor took me off of all prescribed medication. And began to increase exercise activities and time. Up to November 1st of this year, I had increased exercise time to in excess of 4 hours per day seven days a week. I practiced yoga, weight lifting, pilates, barre, bicycling, boot camp, qigong and tai chi. Recently made decision to reduce exercise time to reasonable amount. I will concentrate my efforts on yoga, taijiquan, and qigong.



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About me

I'm: a Man - 75 Years Old
Where I Live: Memphis Tennesse

My Yoga Journey

Years of Yoga Experience: 8
Practice Frequency: Once a week


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