Awaken to You: 30-Day Yoga Challenge Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 8

Day 5: It's a New Day

30 min - Practice


Embrace the opportunity of a fresh start. In Day 5, we play with balancing and core work as we progress in our practices together. You will feel challenged, focused, and a fresh sense of vitality.
What You'll Need: Mat, Strap

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Thank you for another wonderful building practice. A great way to take on the day!
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Hi Shelley, thank you for another worthwhile session. I’m not very flexible so when doing the standing up pose on one leg and stretching out the other leg with the strap, does it matter if the standing leg is slightly bent ? I noticed if I straighten the standing leg I’m not able to lift the other leg up as high with the strap, so feel less stretching in the leg muscles with the strap on it. Cheers Helen
Tracy Hi Tracy~ You are so welcome, how's it all going for you? Hope you continue to enjoy!
Helen Hola Helen! Great question and feedback that everyone can benefit from: Try your best to work on straightening standing leg first, and keeping it straight while you slowly open up the flexibility of the raised leg over time. This will keep the integrity of the pose as a whole, and also help to open the standing leg psoas/ hip flexor while allowing flexibility to increase from upper attachment of lifted leg hammy... so I guess the short answer is to try and do both, . My best!
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Brilliant. Thank you.
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Wow. The sequencing to standing Padangusthasana with legs straight created a unique feeling of equipoise today. I usually just go straight into it (Ashtanga vinyasa-style) - this felt quite different, and heavenly. Gotta share this progression with my "Ashtanginis" Tuesday!!!
Kate! Ahhhh you are an ashtangi! Bueno~ I practiced Mysore for several years, very healing to my body ... glad you like the variations, I love the way creative Vinyasa allows us to find new freedom inside the shapes~ lmk how your peeps respond ... my best to you!
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Shelley Williams - confession: glad the Ashtanga police weren't sniffing around the community center last night because we kind of free-styled!! I used (more-or-less) the sequencing ideas around Padangusthasana, and I will definitely again! It is so helpful in finding a balance in the hips. You're a genius!!
Kate hola! Form and freedom💜~ they need each other
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Love practising with Shelley.  
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