Awaken to You: 30-Day Yoga Challenge

Awaken to radiant You. Our 30-day new year yoga challenge is designed to inspire the movement, fluidity, and freedom you desire in your body and your life. Let Shelley guide you daily through 30-minute vinyasa flow practices, and discover a new vibrancy, strength, and flexibility. You will be amazed and delighted by the results.



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Hi Shelley, thanks for your words of praise at the halfway point. I am really enjoying it and am excited about my progress. I will have my 65th Birthday in Feb. I wanted to do something positive for my body, to thank it for treating me so well. I was able to do the Camel pose today for the first time in many years. Hooray! You are a great teacher👍 And I love the beach in the background. Snowing in Colorado today. Namaste. ❤️
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Hi Shelley, thank you for letting me pause my challenge. I have been enjoying it so much. Glad to have the option, rather than beating myself up for not being able to slot it in to a currently chaotic schedule. REALLY looking forward to picking it up next week!
Hi Shelley... what a rewarding 30 days. It would be wonderful to have another 30 day challenge building and progressing to level 3 !
Waking up every morning knowing I would find a little nugget of self discovery physically, emotionally or spiritually through your practices has given me a renewed belief in myself, my goals and my passions. Thank you XXX
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a great series - i got a real sense of compassionate challenge from Shelley - among other things this helped me stick with balancing postures that would otherwise have had me quite frustrated and rolling up the mat prematurely! many thanks.
I commented on the last video because I didn’t find where to comment on the series until now. This is a great sequence, and Shelley clearly out a lot of thought behind creating  it. Shelley is a great instructor and kept it fun! Thanks for a great challenge! 
Hi Shelley. I wanted to thank you for your classes. I am really enjoying them. They challenge me and you are always positive and fun. I always feel better after working through the class. I am working on improving my balance and you are helping. Sincerely, Carmela

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