Awaken to You: 30-Day Yoga Challenge Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 11

Day 8: Breath Awareness

30 min - Practice


In Day 8, we drop deep into the quality of the breath while moving through a rhythmic and cleansing flow practice of twists, core work, and balancing postures. You will feel cleansed and aware.
What You'll Need: Mat, Strap, Block

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I'm enjoying the variety of this challenge from day to day. Today's practice really flew by.
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I started my own challenge of 30-60 minutes of yoga 4 days before this challenge and I’m finding my body transforming; 2 lbs less in 12 days and developing visible abs. I’ve enjoyed this a lot w Shelley but with being back to work this week it’s been a stress to fit in. My core has also been quite sore (it’s hurt to laugh two days now) so when we entered core work immediately I found myself weak and struggling. This class, compared to gratitude and joy felt in the early ones, I found myself very frustrated with not being able to do what I wanted my body to do. I’ve been practicing for almost 15 years but never done a challenge more than 10 days! Also, When I hit the gym this week I was able to run faster and reach 1 mile better than I ever have!
Ted HI Ted~ I am glad you like the variety. I find it important to vary the practice as well as build on some basic pattern repetition. Its a good challenge for our brain, nerve proprioception, as well as patience and perseverance with learning new things :)
Samantha Wow, it sounds like you are making some leaps with your integration, and keep in mind (as one of my buddies says "you sometimes have to crack an egg to make an omelette") and the way I interpret that in my own practice is maintaining wise patience and perseverance through the phases when you feel sore, unmotivated, or like you are plateauing. We never progress in a solely uphill trend, it tends to waver and meander. When you feel frustrated, or overly challenged, just do what you can, take little breaks as needed, and be patient with your time of building strength and truly integrating new movement patterns. Stay with it, and now that you are back to work....try to carve out 30 min first thing in the morning before work. It is beneficial to practice any time of day, but you will get the MOST out of your practice (and it will truly serve your whole day) if you can accomplish it in the morning. So perhaps try that... My best to you!
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Shelley Williams thank you!!!! Everyday gets more rhythmic and lyrical. I am so enjoying your beautiful positive energy. This tribe student is excited for more journeys on the mat and in the world. Full steam ahead! Happy Sunday for Summerville SC!
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I found this class rather hard as however much I practice I find doing the upside down table really hard. I persevere.
Tracy Hi Tracy, Rock on in Summerville... this is one of my favorite patterns, glad to hear you liked it too, and happy to meet you on the path! And you aren't too far from Costa Rica, you are welcome to join live sometime on retreat! Have a great week :)
SusanHi Susan! This practice is not easy. The upside down table asks a lot of our shoulders and quads (as far as flexibility) as does the whole practice. As with any of these sequences, do what you can, and just keep showing up. Acceptance/Contentment/ Perseverance is part of our path of yoga (Santosha and Tapas) so stick with it and I applaud your patience and practice! Have a great week!
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Thanks again. Great
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I've never looked forward to practice as I do with you, Shelley Williams
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