Awaken to You: 30-Day Yoga Challenge Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 19

Day 16: Slow Down & Ground In

30 min - Practice


In Day 16, we explore a grounding practice as we begin to tune inward to the subtle sensations in the body. We give the wrists a break while strengthening the core and shoulders and opening the hips and hamstrings.
What You'll Need: Mat


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Shelley I can’t help myself from leaving comments on this challenge almost every day! I’m just so in love with your style of teaching and your choreography AND your sense of humor (ducks in a row lol.). Loved this!
Jenny Just so you know, I look FORWARD to reading these comments... so thank you so much for taking the time to write me...we are pen pals, now! Much appreciation, and glad to know you pick up on my dorky jokes ;-0
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Yoga is where the outer body combines with the inner body.... I love your description, Shelley. I enjoyed the slower pace and more focus on each pose. Quality not quantity. Can't believe how quickly this challenge is progressing. Namaste
Glenford Have you ever read any of Mark Nepo's books? You would love his poetic, nature related analogies of consciousness. All of his works are wonderful, check out "The Endless Practice"
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great practice. surprised me how much the internal rotation of legs in supported shoulder-stand caused sort of localised crampy discomfort in the top front of both thighs. i suspect my internal rotators are weak (as well as hip stabilisers in general) but the location of the discomfort was odd (and interesting!). would be interested if you have any thoughts on this. thanks.
Matthew Hi there! Interesting, I will be honest, that is a new feedback for that posture. Perhaps try:

1) External hip opening (Pigeon and Thread the Needle) followed by
2)Adductor opening (seated wide straddle in Upavista Konasana) as well as releasing 3)Psoas and frontal hip flexors with a single knee to chest stretch while sacrum is supported on block or foam roll (opposite leg draped long and to the floor)

See if that allows more freedom for internal rotators in Shoulder stand... lmk how it goes :)
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Brilliant loved it.
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Hi Shelley. Great day. I'm noticing much more flexibility in the shoulders and neck. For instance, it usually takes a good 15 seconds before I can lie flat on my back, head touching the floor, without any neck strain in the back of the neck . Usually it's not that comfortable for me. I also can't lie flat arms reaching overhead touching the floor. My arms are usually a good 4 or 5 inches from the floor. This is really really improving. Hips and legs also improving.
Gabriel 🙃 💜
Andrew That is a huge improvement, buddy! The shoulder opening will help your neck tightness and upper back posture, they all work together... notice if you are standing up a little straighter, more freedom in your gait and other activities too? Awesome!! A little a day goes a long way!
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