Awaken to You: 30-Day Yoga Challenge Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 26

Day 23: Dose of Self-Care

30 min - Practice


How is your yoga working for you in other realms of your life? Today, we move through a lunar flow of Moon Salutations, triangle shapes, and grounding postures to promote self-care as we go inward and reflect on the internal space.
What You'll Need: Mat


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I got frustrated with this one because I have limited space in a huge urban city (where this is normal) to practice and even by moving around furniture I can't safely flip dog or transition. Otherwise fine but couldn't participate fully. This has happened throughout
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Samantha, awesome job getting all the way to Day 23. Your point about narrow practice space is so helpful for us. Thank you! xok
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Great practice. Thank you.
Hi Samantha! I hear you, and perhaps we make a series specifically for practicing within the confines of narrow spaces in the future. In the meantime, one solution to be able to try flipping your dog in a narrow space would be to move the supporting hand and foot to the midline of your mat (or slightly cross over a bit to the other side) and then work with setting the landing foot down at the edge of the mat (this will actually help teach you to engage your side waist to help keep your hips lifted a bit more, and work on setting your foot down as close to the straight leg as possible) Hope this helps!
Hi Gabriel! Day 23... you are rocking, buddy! Keep up the great work, and thank you for your consistency with practice and with your appreciative comments :)
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My favorite favorite sequence so far. Yum! Especially that asana with standing feet far apart and wrapping around one leg. Yum! Yum! Yum! What's the name of this asana?

Question: is it OK that in malasana wrapping hands made my shoulder "chponque" (sounded like when people crack fingers)? It feels warm there now, so I assume it's OK, still want to hear feedback and explanation please.
Is it OK that they did this in a kind of looking forward position? It won't make them even more forward (like in a round-shouldered posture)? I'm asking cuz my posture is a bit like that (cyphosis).
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Lovely to have a longer meditation/rest at the end. Always feels like just what I need. xo
Nadia 😃 So glad you like the sequins! The wide leg forward fold with the wrap is simply a variation, I’m sure it has a particular Sanskrit name but as far as I know it is a variation of prasarita paddottonasana. And in ANY asana, you always want to find that balance of ease and effort, and not go into anything too much so that there is pain. Sometimes there is cracking in the joints, but if it is painful ~stay away from that edge. You can use a strap to help you make the bind/wrap to give it more space. Really work on rolling shoulder head back in the wrap, especiallly if you naturally have kyphosis. Do this in ALL your postures and include a lot of shoulder opening and backbends to help balance your posture. 😍
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Shelley, thank you. No, it doesn't bring pain. Just the sound.

You recommend shoulder opening asanas - so the ones that are in this siquins and similar to them?
Ruth! Thank you for the kind feedback... I am glad you are not tired of the sound of my voice 😂. Such great consistency and kind feedback, it is so generous that you share your thoughts, and has made this experience so special for me, too! much love
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