Awaken to You: 30-Day Yoga Challenge Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 30

Day 27: From the Inside Out

30 min - Practice


We move from the inside out in this wrist-free practice of balancing postures and deep seated hip openers and twists. You will feel calm, clear, and aware of the internal space.
What You'll Need: Mat

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This was a welcome rest for the body - except the boat core work! The last three days have hit the core hard.
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I loved this practice. Thank you.
Samantha Hello! I hope you are starting to feel the integration of the core, and just do what you can~ as always... much love!
Gabriel! Hello, thank you so much ... 😊
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Aloha from the land of rain. Loving this daily half hour!
Aloha! We are getting hammered with rain, too! I love it bc that means snow on the mountain tops and green green happy plants! Glad you are digging it, and you are at the mountain top!!
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Grateful for the practice. I am really appreciating the encouragement to hold a pose and breathe into it. It helps release any tension that we were hanging onto in the body and mind!! I strained lower back muscles recently shovelling snow (Canada) and haven't been able to follow all the movements but doing what I can and adjusting when needed. Today's practice was helpful and enjoyed the pace. Thank you greatly for the entire series.
Allyne ! You are so welcome, and thank you so much for these kind words and sharing your reflections. Its such a great feeling to notice the stress and tension melting off our bodies and minds when we get to settle into a moment inside of a practice. Happy practicing and sending hugs! Namaste~
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Great series. Great Day 27
Sally! Thank you!! Happy Wednesday and perhaps you have finished!! 🤗
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