Enjoy Yourself Summer Challenge Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 6

Day 3: Comparison to Capacity

30 min - Practice


It's easy to get caught in comparison or "not enough-ness." In Day 3, we swim through a practice together to celebrate our ability and capacity while building confidence and strength.

Today's reading: Why You're Already Enough.

What You'll Need: Mat, Block (2)


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I liked your introduction about getting over ourselves.  I found  your ideas interesting for how you support certain poses with blocks.  Good encouraging messages!
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Christel, thank you! So happy you enjoyed this. I have really appreciated using props in my practice. It’s made yoga more accessible, therapeutic, and challenging for me. 
Thanks for the variety :) 
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Johanna, happy to know that you enjoyed this! Switching it up always helps me flip the inner script, too. Which movements did you like most?
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Steph Overall, it's nice to find a practice that is not a template of sun salutations or standard sequences. I enjoyed using props to feel upward dog and lunges. Thanks
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I love using your props and you have an very fresh and interesting way of teaching. I want  more each time.
Thank for Day 3. Sending you lots of beauty and light!
Love your practIce
Original sequencing - it's nice to not know what to expect! A strong, radiant practice. Thank you Steph !
Thanks Steph, your challenge is my first challenge on Yoga Anytime and it is making me feel wonderful.

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