Align with Freedom: 30-Day Yoga Challenge Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 6

Day 4: Strength 4

30 min - Practice


We move through a strong and challenging practice to continue to build strength in the core, legs, and arms. We finish with some rewarding stretches for the hamstrings and hips. You will feel like you are making great progress!
What You'll Need: Mat, Blanket, Strap, Block


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I loved the “pinning the hips” cue in the twisted lunges - doing so really increased the torque in the pose and felt so good!
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I so love the core work in boat pose,  I really feel my muscles the next day.  I use blocks for the side twists to make it easier on my low back.  Back bends are a bit uncomfortable so I need to be more upright.  Attention to keeping the hips even/pinned assists in the poses. 🌾💮
Joan, what seems to hurt in the backbends? Maybe we can find a solution together. 
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Nathan I had a herniated disc years ago so my lower back is sensitive.  The standing back bend was too intense, so I stayed upright.  I don't know how I could compensate without causing pain.  I appreciate your concern
Joan, something like that would be tough to troubleshoot here. My only suggestion would to see how you feel keeping tailbone/sacrum anchored down. Not tucked, like a cat pose movement, just drawn down so that the low back stays long and spacious. Also, excessively contracting the glute max in backbends (which externally rotates the hips) can push a lot of load to the lower lumbar. See if any of these notes are applicable for you. 
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Thank you, I've become brilliant at protecting my lower back 😊
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This is so helpful for me. I love the boat pose prep; it really helped me become more aware of my abdominal wall. This also really helped in the twists. I will remember the ‘pinning the hips’ cue too. I am reading B.K.S. Iyengar’s ‘Tree of Yoga’ and your teaching really illustrates that asana is a whole body experience. I really do feel that my whole body (and mind) is embodying the asana.
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Love the way each day is a logical progression from the last in this series. Well-designed progression! Really enjoying the work, Nathan.
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In pigeon pose it looks like the calf of your leg is 90% to the body.  Is that true as I have trouble doing that without hurting my knee - any suggestions?
Ali very cool experience. This is exactly what I hope to convey in my teaching. As the body is brought more wholistically into a pose, the minds spreads and becomes still. So happy you’re feeling this!
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