On the Verge 10-Day Yoga Challenge Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 6

Day 5: Balance

30 min - Practice


In our balance practice, we are cultivating a sense of inner stability that can be accessed at any time. In Day 5, Sadia guides a class to find mental and physical balance and a solid foundation. We warm and open the feet and legs, move through a challenging standing sequence leading to Revolved Padangustasana and Eagle Pose, and explore Revolved Crow. We close in some core work before our final resting pose. You will feel focused and centered.
What You'll Need: Mat, Blanket, Block

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great class, thanks. like the level 2/3 interface. lots of interesting novelty. regards my revolved padangustasana and revolved crow - needs more work! :)
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A nice practice for the whole body. Feels wonderful
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One of my favorite class of this series. I love balance work. I"ve enjoyed the twisted chair to revolved crow pose sequence.
Matthew Excellent! Remember: caress don't command. I see you levitating in 2022. Keep us updated ;)
So glad you enjoyed, Lina S! I, too, really enjoy that juxtapositioning!
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Level 2/3 has become quite challenging for me as I inch closer to my 60s…so props were my friend here and I happily watched you enjoying revolved crow 😍 With the modifications I was able to enjoy my version of the postures and i’m feeling pretty darn great! Love your creative transitions 👏
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Wow! This is good because I have no balance hut I did it with some help with a bed.
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Man, that felt good! Lots of mods, but I just feel proud that I showed up knowing side crow was happening. Lol! So delicious to wring everything out. Great practice!
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Lillian M That's the spirit! Tailor the practice to your needs, rather than trying to fit your body— perfect as it is— to the practice!
Rachel S I'm also proud of you! You took a risk and surprised yourself— BTW, "delicious" is my favorite descriptor for anything that isn't food :)
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