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Season 1 - Episode 10

Nourished and Refreshed

20 min - Practice


God is seeking me more than I am seeking God. In this final meditation, Ravi encourages us to sense inhaling subtle divine energies through the top of the skull, and how the whole body is refreshed and nourished by breathing these energies into it on the exhale.
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Again, a reminder that what we need is an active receptivity to be able to receive but not merely passively preparing myself, finding the right posture, remaining relaxed, acknowledging that there are very subtle forces in this vast universe which have created me and reminding myself again and again that I need to wonder why I have been created and only for a few decades. And to try to invite these energies to enter into me to therefore refresh my own understanding or to deepen my understanding, acknowledging that these energies are not only inside me but they are also outside me and how do I allow them to enter more and more deeply, more intensely in my organism? So I see if I can bring my attention without turning my head, my attention to the atmosphere above my head, a sense of presence, sense of energy. Of course all of myself everywhere is being surrounded by these energies but we focus on the top of the head simply because I can then breathe through my skull. So I become a little aware of the energy above my head, remaining relaxed.

And I invite this energy to enter my organism, to refresh it, to enhance its quality. And I breathe in through my skull without artificially deepening or lengthening your breath but just simply it may automatically change in its quality but I simply breathe in and breathe out. And then we take the process of assisting each of the limbs to be nourished more and more with this subtle energy. So breathing in, I place my out-breath now in my right leg, sensing the presence of this subtle energy or presence of the divine energy or presence of Krishna, whatever expression speaks to you, how it can nourish my right leg, whole of the leg from the thigh to the toes. Again breathing in through my skull, now I shift my attention to the left leg, nourishing the whole of the leg and for each limb I take three or four breaths.

Now the whole of the pelvic area. Again a simple reminder inviting this energy, welcoming it, not commanding it. More and more sense of humility and a reminder again by many sages that these subtle energies or God is more seeking me than I am seeking God. But if I am not there to be found, if I am running away, self-occupied, then I cannot be nourished by these subtle energies. So now I place my out-breath in the area just slightly below the navel, always reminding myself to remain relaxed and to maintain my right posture.

This is what I mean by active receptivity. Then I welcome now this energy to nourish the whole of the area around my heart. Throat. Fremont. Thank you.

Now the whole of the right arm from the shoulder to the fingertips. Now the left arm. Now the left arm. Now I place my out-breath in the whole of my back, from the neck to the base of the spine. Now I place my out-breath in the whole of my back to the base of the spine.

Now I shift to the head. If any thoughts arise, I don't try to follow them. They're just a little bit like some few clouds in the sky, and I become more and more indifferent to them, reminding myself of receiving this subtle conscious energy far above myself, and nourishing my whole organism, but right now just focusing on the head. Now I place my out-breath into the whole of my body, nourishing the entire organism from the top of the head to the toes. Now I place my out-breath into the whole of my back to the base of the spine.

Now I place my out-breath into the whole of my back to the base of the spine. Now as I breathe in, I can internally say to myself, with a sense of attitude of prayer, maintainers of eternal wisdom, and as I breathe out, placing my out-breath in the whole of my organism, simply to say, bless me, maintainers of eternal wisdom, bless me. And each one of us can feel absolutely free to choose any expressions that speak to you, because spiritual search is in a way a completely unique journey. Now we take three more times, we use whatever phrases speak to us, breathing in and breathing out, then we stop. Thank you very much.


Kate M
So utterly calming and nourishing... thank you Raviji. Thank you YA.

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