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Scott welcomes us to Partner Yoga—a series of practices exploring classic yoga poses with the assistance of a partner. Partner Yoga will assist you to go deeper into the poses and encourage a sense of connection. All levels are encouraged and invited to try these fun and creative partner practices.
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Mar 26, 2015
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Welcome, my name is Scott Lowicki and welcome to Yoga Anytime Partner Yoga Show. In these series of classes, we'll take traditional yoga poses and work with a partner. Sometimes the partner will be helping, assisting you to go into a deeper pose. Sometimes you'll be doing poses together, either symmetric or mirror image of one another. And often you'll just be doing poses together to experience each other's energy, to encourage each other in each pose.

Working with a partner will allow you opportunities to go deeper into some of the postures and really experience a connection with another. You can work with someone that you know well or someone that you've just met. The practices are all for different levels and will challenge even the people that have experienced yoga for many years. So I really invite you to the challenge and the opportunity to work with a partner and expand your knowledge of yoga and the journey of practicing with another in yoga classes.


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