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The Song of Self Artwork
Season 2 - Episode 8

Gita: 2.11 - 2.19 Recitation

5 min - Practice


James leads us in a call-and-response of verses 2.11-2.19 of the Bhagavad Gita. He recites 8 syllables at a time and then repeats it once, inviting us to follow along.

Join us by downloading the transliteration of Chapter 2. James begins chanting verse 2.11 on page 16, located half-way down the page.
What You'll Need: No props needed

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So in this next section we're going to work on verses 11 to 19 and these are all in the Anushtubh meter with 32 syllables so I'm just going to repeat these once we'll still do it eight syllables at a time so I'll do it once then we'll do it once back together. Shri Bhagavan Wacha, Asho Chanan Vasho Chastvam, Asho Chanan Vasho Chastvam, Pragnya Vadhan's Chabashase, Pragnya Vadhan's Chabashase, Gathasuna Gathasun's Chah, Gathasuna Gathasun's Chah, Naanosho Chantepandita, Naanosho Chantepandita, Nathuvahan Jatunasam, Nathuvahan Jatunasam, Nathuvonemee Jnadipaa, Nathuvonemee Jnadipaa, Nathuvonabha Vishamaha, Nathuvonabha Vishamaha, Sarve Vayamataparam, Sarve Vayamataparam, Dehi Nusmane Yatadehi, Dehi Nusmane Yatadehi, Kaumaranyovananjara, Kaumaranyovananjara, Tathadehantara Prabhti, Tathadehantara Prabhti, Deeras Tathranamuhyati, Deeras Tathranamuhyati, Matras Parshastu Kaunteya, Matras Parshastu Kaunteya, Shithoshnasukadukhara, Shithoshnasukadukhara, Agamapa yinonitya, Agamapa yinonitya, Tanste tikshasvabharata, Tanste tikshasvabharata, Yamhina vyata yantiete, Yamhina vyata yantiete, Purusham Purusharshabha, Purusham Purusharshabha, Samadukhasokamthiram, Samadukhasokamthiram, Somnathathvayakalpate, Somnathathvayakalpate, Na Satovidhyate Pavo, Na Satovidhyate Pavo, Na Pavovidhyate Sataham, Na Pavovidhyate Sataham, Upayorapidrishtaantas, Upayorapidrishtaantas, Tvanayosthatvadarshi bhi, Tvanayosthatvadarshi bhi, Avinashita Tadvidhi, Avinashita Tadvidhi, Yena Sarvamiram tatam, Yena Sarvamiram tatam, Veenashamavyasya siya, Veenashamavyasya siya, Nakhaschit kartomarati, Nakhaschit kartomarati, Antavanta Imedeha, Antavanta Imedeha, Nithyasyokta Sharire Naha, Nithyasyokta Sharire Naha, Anashinopramyasya, Anashinopramyasya, Tasmajutya Svabharata, Tasmajutya Svabharata, Yainam Vethihantaram, Yainam Vethihantaram, Yashchinamanyateyatam, Yashchinamanyateyatam, O Bhautanavijanita, O Bhautanavijanita, Naim flipping nearby, Naim flipping ahead.


Kate M
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Managed to roughly chant along with you! Better than my last year's attempt : ) Will try on my own now...
Caroline S
it makes a big difference having the call response just once...more concentration required

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