Me, Myself & My Higher Power Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 3

Magic Takes Guts

35 min - Talk


With great guts and rawness, Dana shares the story of how her yoga has evolved over the years, and how through investigation and while still firmly rooted in tradition, she finally learned to dance to the beat of her own magical, authentic drum. You will feel inspired and brave.
What You'll Need: No props needed

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Dec 07, 2015
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Magic takes guts. You gonna try that with me? Magic takes guts. One more time, magic takes guts. (laughs) I'm so grateful to spend the time to share the way that, I always loved being ...


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im speechless,im touched , thank you!!!!!!!
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dear dana, thank you very much!! that was so healing and illuminating on so many levels!!!!
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Absolutely beautiful and eye opening. Thank you. Loved it. Namaste
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Namaste Lovers...thank you for letting me be your divine guide. Let me know how I may serve you best as I film more of these in may. Love your Devoted, Dana
I was feeling a little depleted & after this, I feel full again. Sometimes I need a mirror to reflect back to me what I already am. Thank you for being that mirror today.
Thank you - you have inspired me to be me.
Thank you🙌🙏
Very beautiful. Absolutely touched my heart today. Thank you!
You have re-inspired me. Thank you Dana.
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