45 Minute Yoga Flows: Keep It Simple Flow
Wade Gotwals

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This well rounded practice hit all the right notes - so perfect for a Monday morning. How nice to see you back on Yoga Anytime! 🎶❤️🎶
Lovely way to end the day. Mahalo.
I'm looking forward to practicing with you! This was a wonderful and smart sequence. Surprisingly strong in the shoulders, but came with a nice release at the end. Thanks!
HI Jenny So good to be back and reconnecting with you! Glad you are feeling the practice ( and on a Monday too, that's dedication!)
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Hi Christel So happy you are flowing with the practice and thanks for the good Hawaiian vibes!
Hi Melissa thanks for joining me on the 45 min flow series, so good to have you along! Feel free to spend more time with the shoulder counter balancing poses! great to hear from you!
Great way to start my day. I so enjoyed your Sweetheart Challenge; I was delighted to see you in the 45 minute Flow!
Hi Wade! Fun to see you back here again. I've thought of you often since our conversation about our moms and death/dying, and I hope you are thriving even in the midst. How often are classes posted in this new series?
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Hi Elissa! Great to connect with you again and thanks again for the conversation that we had, especially the timing of it! My Mom has found a new normal and cherishing life so much more now! I try to shoot new videos w Yoga Anytime every six to ten months....How are you?!
Wade, thank you for naturally giving from your heart to us. I am grateful for the experience.
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