Winter Ayurveda Yoga Challenge: Day 1: Sun, Sun, Sun Salutations
Melina Meza

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Thank you, Melina and YogaAnytime, for these seasonal Ayurveda challenges. I always love them!
Happy solstice to you and thanks for the being the first to comment!!! I'm glad you enjoy the seasonal challenges and hope they contribute to a greater sense of health and well-being in the months ahead.
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That felt fantastic...I didn’t realize how much I needed these sun salutes! I’ve been so frazzled during this strange and hectic holiday season, and I’ve been mostly practicing restorative and yin. This practice woke me up for sure!
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Warming and enlivening on this dark and rainy winter day. Thank you for brightening my day.
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Such an awesome start to the day, to the solstice, to the challenge! Welcome the light! Thank you Melina.
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Ty I love your teaching style. It’s always so relevant and makes sense. Best it’s reassuring.
I so appreciate your feedback everyone and am grateful to hear the sun salute practice is doing its magic! Nothing like some rhythmic movement patterns to brighten your day, lift your spirit and help you feel more focused during the holiday season and pandemic! Take care everyone and I'll look forward to hearing what you think of the rest of the challenge. 
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I loved this practice. Especially that sequence with trikonasana. Thank you so much Melina; this is giving me a boost when it is needed.
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Hi Melisa,
wonderful to be here with you - and all the other yogis!- again. That sweet practice certainly cracked some sun into the dark and  boosted my heart with light -thank you! 
When I finish work tonight at 10pm and am dashing home ( we presently have 10pm curfew which makes going home through empty silent streets surreal and even a wee bit scary) I will visualise all my fellow yogis  curled up snug and cosy in bed......
So looking forward to being with you all over the next few days!
Thanks for joining the challenge Ali and Melisa. Ali, I'm thrilled to hear you felt more energy after the practice and Melisa, that you'll be joining others in the lad of nod perhaps closer to 10pm now with the curfew? Regardless....I hope you value and appreciate the sleep you get and how it contributes to our health and kindness the next day! Enjoy the rest of the challenge!
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