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John Jackson
Hey guys, firstly I just want to say I am amazed at how user friendly and intuitive the website is! Top, top job!

To supplement my practice, I recently downloaded the iOS app which looked great as well and I love how you could download video's to watch offline later. However, within a day, the app had drained my battery significantly. I deleted the app and my battery is back to normal. I'm using the latest version of iOS on the iPhone 7.

I just thought I'd let you guys know! (Maybe it's just me!)

Sarah Beston
Thank you so much, John Jackson ! I will pass this along. Best wishes, Sarah
John Jackson
I think it may be my phone Sarah - I seem to be having battery problems now but it's not the first time with my very old iPhone! Not sure if that was the app, probably just coincidence on the day I downloaded it but worth perhaps checking out. Many thanks! Craig

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