Organising my favourites

John Jackson
I love building my collection of favourite video's, but I do find that the functionality to organise them is limited.

I appreciate there is an option to re-organise the video's, but it's not very user friendly. Is there a way to enable the user to drag and drop into different positions on the page and also allow the user to view all their results ( by 50,100,150 videos per page for example) so that I can have the option to view all my video's without scrolling through pages?

Another option to go a little further, could be to allow the user to create sub-folders within their favourites. For example, I could have all my 'restorative' video's in one folder, my vinyasa video's in a 'vinyasa' folder?

I like the idea of a website that provides me with hundreds of video's to choose from and then as a user, to have lots of flexibility to create my own little yoga space. Currently, I think you've nailed the first part, but the second part could do with some tweaking.
Kira Sloane
John Jackson, thank you so much for giving this so much thought and sharing! Passing onto our design team. Best, Kira

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