John Jackson

As you know, I love this site but recently I've been seeking more Yin or Restorative practices. Unfortunately I don't have a bolster and the options for the above without a bolster seem a little limited. (I know - I should probably just buy a bolster!) I'd love to see more of these types of practices for those who don't have all the props if possible?

Thanks as always for bringing us brilliant yoga classes! X
Kira Sloane
You're right, John Jackson. We do have a lot of restorative practices that ask for a bolster. The purpose of the props to allow the nervous system to feel supported. The Yin Yoga practices in Wait for It are a little less reliant on prop, but we will take your suggestion into the filming studio. With Love, Kira
Kathryn P
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If you don't have a bolster, you can make your own by folding towels and/or blankets in top of each other. Make sure the blankets are not puffy. You can even wrap another blanket around the staked blankets to look even more like a bolster ;) Here's a picture of one I just made by folding regular shower towels in half length-wise and in thirds width-wise, wrapped up in another towel.

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