Do I need to attend classes?

I've attended some classes, but I don't find them nearly as enjoyable as when I practice using this site on my own. Do I need to attend classes or is it ok not to and consume my yoga through yoga anytime?
Dearest John Jackson, we are so glad you are here. And whatever vehicle assists in your practice is the best. We do hope you also find a class near you as the connection you can make with a teacher and fellow yogis is something very special. You can PM me and let me know where you are and maybe we can make some suggestions. Best, Kira
Hi Kira, I'm in London so I'm not sure if your yoga network spills out that far?

I have attended a few yoga classes local to me but I find that they're painful (cranking into postures which doesn't feel comfortable) rather than being enjoyable and relaxing. The class I attended was also very cramped where we were almost on top of one another! Perhaps I just haven't found the right class but I do really enjoy being on my own with my yoga.

My only concern practicing on my own is that I may not be in correct alignment but I guess I could purchase a mirror so that I can keep a check on this?
John Jackson, maybe dip yourself into Erich Schiffman's Freedom Immersion to help nurture your inner sense of alignment.
The inner joy and ease you seem to experience in your own practice suggests that you are in perfect harmony. Meanwhile, we hear great things about TriYoga in your neck of the woods.
That's great advice, thanks Kira and thanks also for bringing us this wonderful online yoga community. X

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