Feeling Alright: 30-Day Yoga Challenge<br>Season 1

Feeling Alright: 30-Day Yoga Challenge
Season 1

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Pietro M.
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Is it ok for beginners?I'm very very tight.
Kira Sloane
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Dearest Pietro M., Welcome! Yes, Robert's accessible, groovy style is appropriate for beginners. If you discover you want to move slower, you might check out some of his Level 1 practices in Season 1 of his show, Keeping it Real or some of the practices with Alana and Emily in Too Tight to Stretch. Glad you are here. Stay close. xo kira
Karen B
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I've just logged on for the first time this year and am SO excited to see this series. Just the motivation I need for my practice...thank you
Cheryl Wray
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Hi @ Robert this is my 2nd 30 day challenge with you - I'm excited to learn more, feel better about me. Looking forward to Day 2 before work tomorrow. Namaste!
Liisa V
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Hi Robert I just started the 30 day challenge, on day three, and I already feel better! Blessings, Liisa
Joy A
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Hi Robert went on a big fitness kick after the tolls of caring for my mum had turned e into a blob so I went back to your program interspersed with daily runs and was beginning to feel like the old me when a downhill sprint landed me in hospital with a gash to my hand right to the bone and a broken hand as well. I'd torn the ligaments in my right ankle and even after 2 months cannot put any weight on my hands and as a massage therapist know my hand may not recover fully enough to go back to that in the same way again. I have felt devastated even though the injuries are not life threatening but have to some extent been life changing. See next message ...
Joy A
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I started back to your 30 day challenge and found lessons one and two were manageable as I can still work without having to stress my hands and my feet and started back this week telling myself what would I say to my students as a yoga teacher, how difficult it is to do for yourself! However I always take great joy when I hear your voice and see the lovely sun and sea in the background - its Winter here in the UK and it was so great to start doing some tiny amounts of yoga which didn't make me feel completely useless. I have decided to do lesson 1 in the morning and lesson 2 at night and hope that soon I will be able to progress through the course. Even though the choices of classes are overwhelming on Yogaanytime I keep coming back to your classes which always make me smile - love your happy, no nonsense approach and thank you for great classes which I am appreciating even more now. Namaste x
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Hi Robert 
Today was my #23, I love the way you are connecting these Asana into an easy flow. I love your approach to use TWO yoga blocks, they are very helpful more stretch.  I can't wait to start your 30 mints series next. 
Thank you 
Dr. Parmjeet Saini  
Maria S
I just wanted to say how much I’ve loved this challenge and your teaching style!  I’ve been practicing yoga for over 30 years and I have learned so much and enjoyed the journey!  I don’t want the challenge to end!!!!
Robert Sidoti
Hello there Maria S !! Apologies for delay in responding to your lovely comment. I'm so happy you enjoyed this challenge! Let me know if you ever have any questions or need anything - I'd love to be of help if necessary :)) Have a great day, Robert 
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