Feeling Alright: 30-Day Yoga Challenge
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Hello there Dr. Parmjeet Saini Parmjeet  !! This reply is 1 year late, can't believe I missed this :( Anyway - thank you for practicing with me here, hope you're still practicing and feeling good! Let me know if I can help in any way ever :)) Robert 
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Will you tone up with this program and maybe lose some inches and I have 5-9 pds to lose. 
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Hello Robert Sidoti , thank you so much, I'm at day 8, I had done your other 30 days challenge which I loved so much, with this one I really appretiate the hip openning and the feeling good effect at the end. It really make me start the day with a smile. Namaste.
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I completed the 30 day challenge - thanks Robert I’m Rachel from nz - it was so good to follow u every day and your instructions were clear and made the flows work well - life hasn’t had as much joy for me lately but integrating yoga into my life by way of the thirty day challenge was just what I needed - thank you - I’m now doing a 10 day challenge and it made me smile and feel great this morning - your awesome 
Hey there Cindy L  - Did you complete the program, the 30 days? How do you feel? 
Hi Cristina T !! Nice to see you here at this challenge! You must be pretty close to completing by now? How are you feeling? 'Feeling Alllllriiiiight' I hope :))
Thank you so much for practicing and sharing Rachel K  - I'm super happy you joined and it provided you with some good feels - what are you up to these days?? 
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