Living the Yamas and Niyamas
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Would you please give me the spelling of author of the quote you read about friendship and our bodies in the ahimsa practice.
Hello Reb !! I apologize for the delay in responding to your request. 
So happy the quote resonates with you🙏🏽 
Nayyirah Waheed I believe is the spelling. 
Have a beautiful day!! 
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Robert, I've been following you kite a bit, and I would like to thank you to share your view of Yamas & Niamas. One part I love the most was the "MEama" part! thanks!
Hey there Eliana 🙏🏽 It is my pleasure to share with you these teachings from my perspective 
Happy that Yoga Anytime encourages this in their instructors:)) 
This course looks great! A helpful reminder for me, can't wait to watch the videos :) 
I have loved this course so much. I’ve felt calm and content. Thanks so much Robert 

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