Alana, Linda, and Rosemary (Yoga of the Body)

Go To This Show Season

Rosemary, Alana, and Linda welcome us to Season 2 of Your 30-Minute Go-To Yoga Sequence where they share an energizing Vinyasa flow routine designed to awaken, strengthen, and stretch your whole body. While this reliable sequ... (more)

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God is good all the time
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Fantastic series! Thank you Alana, Linda and Rosemary!! 
Hi Maya! Thank you so much for joining us! So delighted that you enjoy this season of Go-To practices with Rosemary, Linda and myself. Enjoy! Love, Alana 
Hi Adebowale! Thanks for joining us in Yoga. Warmly, Alana 
Thanks, Maya ! It's lovely to have you with us! 
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Thank you for this Go-To series. It was grounding and moving and very dear.
So happy to hear this, Martha K . It was a joy to cocreate and to share. 

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