Making Friends with Side Plank (Yoga of the Body)

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In Season 1, we explore variations of Side Plank, or Vasisthasana, through skillful, creative, alignment-based sequences. We move progressively to build strength, stability, resilience, and confidence, playing with dynamic po... (more)

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Nasiru A glad you liked it 💜👍
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I teach a class for mostly seniors - a gentle flow and I really liked the variations and use of props. The warm ups were perfect for what was to come. I found I preferred the blanket on the blocks for all variations at the end. Nice restorative finish. Thanks for the new ideas - very excellent. 😊
Eliza F I'm so glad you enjoyed the variations with props and the layout of the class. You are most welcome and I'd love to hear how incorporating these variations into your class goes.

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