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Discover Arm Balancing

Season 1

Making Friends with Side Plank

In Season 1, we explore variations of Side Plank, or Vasisthasana, through skillful, creative, alignment-based sequences. We move progressively to build strength, stability, resilience, and confidence, playing with dynamic poses like Fallen Triangle, Partridge, and Rockstar, as well as deeper backbends and therapeutic release techniques for your wrists and shoulders.


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Nasiru A
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Nasiru A glad you liked it 💜👍
Eliza F
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I teach a class for mostly seniors - a gentle flow and I really liked the variations and use of props. The warm ups were perfect for what was to come. I found I preferred the blanket on the blocks for all variations at the end. Nice restorative finish. Thanks for the new ideas - very excellent. 😊
Eliza F I'm so glad you enjoyed the variations with props and the layout of the class. You are most welcome and I'd love to hear how incorporating these variations into your class goes.

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