The Yoga Flow Show: Grounded and Grateful
Jasmine Tarkeshi

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Kate SO happy to hear Kate! I love being able to support your practice through the ethers.
I loved the transition into wheel - so much fun. Thank you Jasmine. So pleased I can have you in my living room in Australia! 
Ahh! So great to have you in my apartment, Jasmine. Thank you for extending the trail and many blessing to you during this cray time. Love you!
That was a lovely practice xxx thank you for sharing
Martt SO wonderful to practice with you virtually! XOXO 
Justine SO happy you enjoyed the practice. Hope to practice with you virtually again!
I am finding your combination of really deep stuff with humour and humility so useful right now. I loved the playfulness of this practice. Crouching tiger is a revelation.
Ali So happy you are finding the practices helpful right now... I think I should do this practice today! I could certainly use some crouching tigers right now :) Thank you so much, Jasmine 

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Jasmine, I think you are the reason that I will sign up to Yoga Anytime. I am loving your lasses!
Samantha C I'm so thrilled to hear this Samantha! I love Yoga Anytime and adore recording the videos for you and working with them :) 
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