30 Day Yoga Challenge<br>Season 1: with Robert Sidoti

30 Day Yoga Challenge
Season 1: with Robert Sidoti

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Alex K
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Hi Robert Sidoti.  I just finished the 30 days (more like 40 days) but it was awesome.  This is the most consistent yoga i have done and will definitely continue.  I love it especially since I am usually studying all day (law school/bar exam) and I'm always having tension in the upper back/neck.  This practice helped me alleviate some of that pain.  (A tailored practice for law/med/grad students would be awesome as we sit down more than most people).  You are a great teacher and explain things very well which made this yoga journey much more enjoyable.  Yoga is definitely incorporated in my life now.  Thanks & stay safe!


Robert Sidoti
Alex !!! Congratulations my friend! I appreciate the time you spent writing this message, I love to hear when people complete the challenge and the effect it had on them. So glad it worked well for you and that it got you on track to a steady and consistent practice! Oh man, I bet the upper back/neck area has some tension, I'll consider that as a class option for sure! Keep me posted on your journey, love to hear about how things go moving forward. All my best and with tons of gratitude, Robert
Cristina T
Thank so much Robert, I feel deeply in peace. I will love to follow you on other challenges, you are such a great instructor!
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