30 Day Yoga Challenge: Day 2: Breathe Into It
Robert Sidoti

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Hello there Kim L !! Welcome to the Challenge! Day 2, must be around Day 5 by now?? How are you feeling? Still here enjoying and exploring these 20 minute practices? Hope you're doing well! Robert
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Hi Robert, It’s the Little Old Lady from West Kelowna, ....not to be confused with the one from Pasadena! 🤣 Thank you again for your 30 day challenges.  As one who never thought she’d get hooked on yoga, you’ve done it.  And I even have my husband joining me daily now!  We love that we don’t have to search each day for a new session and love the way each day is different but builds on the previous.  We have completed your two thirty day challenges and spent a few days trying other teachers but your approach and style suits us so well we have restarted the first challenge. I know these challenges were created a few years ago and who knows what you’ve moved on to but if you ever feel the urge to creaate another one, we’re in!  Thanks again and Happy New Year from the far north! 🇨🇦
Hello, Nice to meet you and Happy New Year Deb T !! Haha, love your intro! I'm so genuinely pleased and happy to know that you and your husband are practicing and enjoying these challenges - I can speak for Yoga Anytime as well! I looked up Kelowna - looks beautiful!! I've been yearning for a BC  trip for years. We'll see if we can get another challenged created, I'd love to offer another! Until then, enjoy the 30 day ride and feel free to keep me posted on your journey. I'm so grateful you shared here with me/us, thank you Deb! All my best, Robert 
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Hi Rob 
For years I’ve been wanting to do yoga sand tried many, many, many times... I ended up convinced isn’t for me. Too hard, boring, impossible to achieve poses, feeling my body wasn’t able. After giving birth my second baby 5 month ago and reaching the 4th decade knowing Feeling in the best shape ever, I thought “I will try yoga just one more time” and right then I found your classes, and I’m loving it!!! 

You’ve turned around the toughest  yoga-is-not-for-me person .. and you weren’t even trying. 

Thanks so much x

Yes!! Thank you so much for sharing here Adriana M !! I'm so happy you have found yourself to be more comfortable, able and interested in the yoga practice - it's a pretty cool practice to add to your life, it just adds so much value in several ways! As instructors of this practice, we never really know how it lands with people (especially online) - so it is nice to get a message like this, nice to be a positive part of someones (yours) experience :)) Keep showing up!! Robert 
Ahhhh yeaaahhh!! Feels good to show up and be grateful for this practice! Thank you!! I am so looking forward to experience this challenge progression!!
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