30 Day Yoga Challenge: Day 11: Move Forward
Robert Sidoti

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Hi Rachel !! Thanks for the message and question! Some people love them, for some it’s painful and uncomfortable. With that said - there are a few things to consider And ways to modify when attempting this shape. 
First - if you know you have bulged/herniated discs, and forward bending doesn’t feel good, stay away from it, not worth it. If it’s uncomfortable because of the tilt of your pelvis or tight hamstrings and low back - try bending your legs a bit, roll a blanket/block under your knees to relieve discomfort. Move Pelvis to forward tilt (untuck tailbone). Sit up on a block or blanket to help tilt pelvis forward. 
Do the single leg option, my preferred way! 
And lastly (lots lore options and tips, just difficult to share here fully) Don’t bend forward, sit up tall in spine, keep your legs and feet super engaged and tip forward mildly until you feel the gentle pull and stretch in hammies:)) 
Hope this is helpful! Happy practicing! 
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Hi Robert, you are keeping me flexed and fit during Covid-19 time at home. Great for mind and body! Thanks Ruth
Hey hey hey Ruth !! Glad to be of service and so happy it’s helping you feel these things during this unstable time - sending big hugs and  deep breaths :)) Robert
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nice to imagine everyone else doing the practice or having done it at some time. 'physically distanced and socially connected' as they say! best wishes to all and thanks again Robert. :)
Yes indeed Matthew  - as 'disconnected' and distanced as we all are at the moment - this platform and videos help us to all feel connected! Thanks so much for your comment and contribution here Mathew! 
Love so much your flow, you inspire me. Gracias, Namaste. (L)
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